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Do you know the leading 10 researched facts about social media in USA?

This video was posted on the Total Executive Group by Elad Guberman and provides some great insights for anyone not convinced about the benefits of social media - all in under 2 minutes...

10 social media facts and statistics in USA you should know in 2014 from 24motiongraphic on Vimeo.

Australasia usage of social media often exceeds USA usage - so good to consider.

Total Executive provide support for companies looking at how to improve their engagement with existing and potential customers via social media.

Unlike businesses who specialise in this field and only sell the services of their business, Total Executive partner with many providers who have been highly vetted.

To discuss which provider will best connect with your requirements simply contact our founder via any of the methods below.

Grant Crossley


Beyond Content Management - The New SEO

Recently I co-presented a webinar about the future of digital, online and direct marketing with Jules Pedersen, founder of Telecommunications Australasia.

Hundreds of people have attended the webinar and now we are making the video of our first webinar public to give you the top level research and insights.

View the video here:

To discuss how we can provide you with a unique introduction to the new world of digital, online and direct marketing that extends beyond the strategy discussed in this video, please contact me for a confidential no obligation discussion.

Kind regards

Grant Crossley
Founder, Total Executive


The Benefits of encouraging Social Media at Work

From Faddish Hype to Business Value: New Global Study From MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Finds Companies Advanced in Social Business Are Actively Leveraging Social Data

Nearly 80 Percent Analyze Social Data; 67 Percent Integrate It Into Systems and Processes to Improve Business Decisions

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The 10 most important lessons I learned about online marketing

1. Never pay for impressions

The old school method of advertising was paying for your ad to appear in front of your prospects (think magazines, newspapers, radio and TV). It’s how online advertising started out as well, before search engine advertising came onto the scene. You’d place a banner on websites your prospects visited, and you’d pay a fee every time your ad appeared. You can still advertise this way.

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Crossing the Digital Divide - The Next Hurdle for Boards

Image Source

Is there any aspect of your daily life and business that is not significantly affected by digital technology? Not likely. Just think about all the ways that digital is integrated into your own daily routine. The ever-growing digital wave is washing over just about every facet of our personal and organizational lives, our consumer experiences, and across every industry and sector in its impact on business models and processes.

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