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Stepping back to responsible leadership...

How did we begin talking about Responsible Leadership in TE back in 2008?...
This video gives insights into how it began - and still works on so many levels via the culture we live in...
What tribe of leadership are you in and how are you helping others, and engaging in all community levels...?

WANTED: A Fresh Vision for Australia Instead of a Soup Kitchen

Recently, Richard Goyder, Chief of Wesfarmers, one of the Olympic gods at G20 to those who care and Mr Puzzled to the rest of us,  cried “In January I left Davos feeling really good about the world, having been there for a week and people were talking up the US economy, being pretty satisfied where Europe was and satisfied where the rest of the world was, and I’ve come back to Australia to incredibly pessimistic sentiment and I can’t reconcile the two, to be frank”.

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3 ways to know your manager represents 'Hell on Earth'

1) You recommend a solution for a client and learn your manager presents a new solution to your client - with a deal with the devil!

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Why good leaders make you feel safe - Simon Sinek

Simon has some great knowledge for our future leaders in this TED presentation here:

To learn more about leadership via Australasia's largest network of vetted coaches, facilitators and mentors please contact our founder Grant Crossley here or +61408844009


TE 2014 Executive Report

During 2014 financial year Total Executive have been conducting a lot of research and development with partners whilst also launching new events and webinars.
A summary of highlights are included here:
  • Total Executive LinkedIn Group was launched - now over 2,400 executive members
  • Board Connector was launched - connecting executives with board positions
  • The Australian Board Report was launched
  • Total Executive webinars were launched in association with our partners
Here are more details on these developments...

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