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Real Time Decision Making: The Effect of Collaboration on Performance

It is no longer a surprise that as a result of globalisation, specialisation and new technologies, 80 percent of jobs now involve people participating in human interactions rather than extracting raw materials or making finished goods. Jobs involving the most complex type of collaborative knowledge interaction make up the fastest growing segment. The reasons are clear. Leading organisations recognise that by improving collaborative knowledge building they can improve real time decision making and competitive advantage.

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Tying offline sales from retail stores and call centers back to the online campaigns driving them

Have you ever wondered how many of the offline sales that happen in your retail chain or call centers are actually driven by online campaigns and research activity on your website? Would you like to know the true value that your online media spend is driving including offline conversions? This is a very interesting article that explains how you can do it...

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Executive Recruitment Interviews - more American ideas here...

As Australians, we look forward to more Executive Recruitment knowledge on what is happening in the Australasian area... Here is info of the manufacturing/engineering side...



Case Study - Datalicious & Paymate: Keyword research to help review paid and organic search programs

Paymate engaged us to conduct keyword research in the online payment category resulting in a set of paid and organic search optimisation instructions. The recommendations lead to the client changing their paid search campaign and revisiting their organic optimisation program. 
“With the detailed reporting and analysis that the team did I was able to implement a strategy that is now effective and will result in increased lead conversions. Thanks Datalicious! Highly recommended!” Melinda Zanello, Marketing Manager, Paymate


Why do we need a framework? - Envirability is born...

Graeme Philipson is a wealth of knowledge in the Technology and Communications arena. Recently, he has applied this knowledge to 'Envirability' - a play on words, though you will get the drift/tide/stream of knowledge that follows...– Green ICT – sometimes called Green IT – is a much-discussed topic, in the ICT industry and beyond. The problem is, it means different things to different people. There are too many definitions, and not enough definition. This lack of definition has made it difficult to measure the effectiveness or the extent of an organisation’s implementation of Green ICT. As the old saying goes, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. And you can’t measure what you can’t define. To many people, Green ICT is only about reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the ICT function within the organization. ICT is a significant consumer of electricity worldwide, on a par with the airline industry. Therefore it makes sense, as emission reduction becomes desirable and even mandatory, that ICT users should look at ways of reducing the energy consumption of their systems. But there is more to Green ICT than that

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